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Kids First (Ages 5 and Up)

Kids First is a FREE 6 week introduction to hockey program run twice throughout the year at each rink and is a great entry program into hockey. During the first week of each Kids First session, each player will be fitted with all the hockey equipment each player needs and there will be a parent meeting to discuss goals and objectives for the program. The next 5 sessions will include instruction on skating, puck handing, shooting, passing and most of all having fun!

The player to coach ratio is usually 4-to-1 so the skaters get a lot of personal attention during this program. After the initial 6 week period, families have the option to return the player’s equipment with no further obligation or you can buy the equipment and participate in an additional 10 week program for $300.  If you have equipment already, it's $150.  Contact Mike McEwen for more details or questions.

Kids First Schedule

Arctic Edge on Saturdays @ 11:00AM (Fall session).
Blazers Ice Center on Saturdays @ 8:00AM (Fall Session).


Kids First Start Dates**


Fall Session Start Date:

October 13th, 2018 (Arctic Edge)
October 20th, 2018 (Blazers Ice Centre)

Kids First Costs *

Initial 6 week program: FREE
Additional 10 week program: $300 (includes full set of fitted hockey equipment).  Those with their own equipment pay $150.